Corporate Photography & Film Productions

Tampa video productionLightray provides advanced professional photography and photo-editing services including photo enhancement, restoration, correction and more. Our artistic eye and inventive vision will capture the images you need to sell your product or service, and alter those images to create the most powerful results possible. We also provide photo-editing for non-professional images; restored favorite photos make a perfect gift for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. Lightray specializes in restoring photos from original, digitalized image, digital camera shots, film cameras, and more.

Recent studies indicate that video will comprise 90% of all Internet traffic by 2013. Internet video marketing is indeed the future of the internet. A well-planned and executed corporate video creates conversations, moves people to action, and gets results. Lightray's corporate video production services include script consultation, on-location camera shooting, lighting, editing, on-screen titles, graphics or captions, voiceover narration and video editing. In a study conducted by Chamberlain research, 82.6% of customers were more likely to purchase from a website that contained video. Whether your company needs a 30-second television spot, a 5-minute demo or a 15-minute corporate overview, Lightray will creatively and effectively communicate your comporate message.

There’s no better way to engage your audience than to do it with a promotional video. Showcase your business and endorse your products or services using the most compelling form of online media.

In today’s on-demand and High Definition world, corporate video production services go beyond what television commercials and what social media marketing can do. More and more businesses are utilizing corporate video marketing to create training videos, trade show videos, corporate training videos, and DVD brochures. These businesses expand their market reach and increase sales by embracing new trends in current technology. Your company can benefit with Lightray Media's corporate video production and our video marketing solutions. 

A strong corpoeate video is one of the most effective forms of communication. Our video production team has the power to capture and engage your targeted audience in a way that can’t be matched by traditional forms of media solutions. Response and retention rates for potential customers who watch online video marketing are known to be higher. Whether it’s a webmercial,  promotional video, corporate training video, product simulation, motion graphics, or 3D animation.

Using corporate video production as a marketing tool is one of the fastest growing trends in interactive and online media. Your business can benefit by embracing this emerging trend. More and more traditional advertising agencies are moving towards video marketing technologies. With our affordable video marketing solutions, your company will be a step ahead of your competition.

Lightray Media is an online video production company.  We provide DVD and web video production services. Our high definition corporate videos are very informative, yet very simple. It is an essential way to promote your business for your service or brand.

Lightray is equipped with a team of highly trained motion graphics artist and video marketing professionals. We produce HD videos with a strong call to action, and interpret your corporate brand and translate it into an extraordinary and powerful internet marketing video.

Is your business using online video marketing techniques? You may soon find your company left behind if you aren’t. Video may not only give your business advantages when it comes to search engines but increasingly video marketing is attracting large audiences online. These audiences could very well be looking at your website video. Creative video production can even create greater potential of going viral. YouTube is a great tool for your company or small business, one that can boost your visibility for free with a massive potential for a global audience. Right now, there is a shift occurring in how people think of online video. The novelty has started to wear off, and consumers are starting to take notice of internet video marketing. Marketers and businesses are beginning to see that corporate marketing videos add tremendous value and dimension to their websites and marketing campaigns. Consequently, that means more website clicks, better search ranking, and higher conversion rates. There is solid evidence that online video marketing will soon be a necessary strategy to compete from small businesses to large corporations. Over the next five years, video will have as tremendous impact on marketing just as email had over the past ten years.


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Corporate Photography & Film Productions

Lightray provides advanced professional photography and photo-editing services including photo enhancement ...

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